Short Term Business Loans


Whether you own a thriving medical practice, an up-and-coming restaurant or a brand-new retail website, short term business loans can provide you with the capital that you need to make targeted investments in your company’s future. These life-saving loans are especially useful for small- and medium-sized businesses that form the nucleus of the American economy. If you own a modestly sized firm, even small short term loans will give you the big-time support that you need to power through periods of slow sales or accounts receivable backlogs.

We Make Short Term Loans Easy

Short term business loans have a few key advantages. For starters, they’re quite easy to obtain. If you already own a business that generates revenues, your short term small business loan application process will take five minutes or less. In fact, you can apply online by providing your name, your company’s contact information, the size of the loan that you seek and a few other pieces of basic information. Once you’ve applied, you’ll be put into contact with a trained loan officer who specializes in small short term loans.

Our Large Lender Network for Short Term Business Loans

Even though the online loan application process couldn’t be easier, you’ll be happy to know that your short term business loans will originate from within a network of reputable, experienced business lenders. This means that you won’t have to worry about hidden fees, shady marketing tactics or fine print. Everything about these small short term loans will be spelled out in the instructions and agreements that your lender provides.

You’ll also be matched with the lender that best fits your needs. Thanks to a proprietary matching feature that accounts for factors like your business’s monthly revenues, your desired repayment time frame and your business loan’s size, you can rest assured that your lender will have experience with hardworking business owners just like you.

Our Quick Loan Process

This fast and accurate matching process is sure to get your short term small business loan into your company’s account more quickly than you ever thought possible. In fact, the approval process rarely takes more than three business days. Depending on the terms of your loan and the policies of your lender, you could have your short term business loan in 24 hours or less. Don’t wait another day to learn what small short term loans can do for your business.