Seasonal Business Loans


A business is considered seasonal if it has distinctly varying levels of traffic based on time of year, climate, or proximity to a holiday or national event. Think of a lawn care business as an example. While some locales feature warm weather and green lawns year round, the majority of the nation’s lawnmowers get a reprieve between the months of October and March. This five to six month stretch of substantially lowered volume defines the lawn care business as seasonal.

Companies that engage in snow plowing operations find the opposite is true – warm weather and no precipitation means no business is to be had. Though the busy time of year may vary for these two entities, the common thread is an inability to count on consistent cash flow for the business, and seasonal business loans can become necessary.

Why Cash Flow Is Important To a Seasonal Business

The common misconception is that during a business’s off peak time very little money needs to be spent. The opposite can be true. During the down time for a snow plow company, for instance, truck repairs must be made, maintenance on the vehicles must occur, and minimal income is flowing in. Retail companies that are on an off-peak time must add inventory, staffing, and equipment to handle the impending increase in traffic. This is the fundamental reason why managing cash flow during down times in a seasonal business is vital.

How Seasonal Business Loans Can Transition Your Business from Peak to Off Peak

At All Business Loans, we know that your seasonal business loan needs are real. Though your business is running well during peak times, those off peak months are hindering your ability to maintain effective cash-flow controls over your business. With a simple and straightforward application process, All Business Loans can provide the short-term financing option to help you weather those off-season times. With funding typically accomplished in as little as three business days, you can get the cash that you need to keep your seasonal business operating at its peak – even during the off-season!