No Tax Return Loans Means a Simple Application Process


Many lenders require substantial documentation when underwriting a new business loan. For those that have undertaken a fully documented loan, the amount of paperwork that needs to be gathered is substantial. The most time consuming and invasive paperwork is typically the borrower’s tax returns. Gathering tax information can be a laborious and difficult process, and when you add in the business tax returns it can be downright tiring! Another factor to consider is that many businesses have highly skilled CPA’s working to keep tax liabilities low, which may keep tax returns from showing a substantial amount of income. For this reason, seeking a loan that does not require tax returns as a qualifier may simplify the entire process.

Why a No Tax Return Loan Makes Sense

Applying for a loan that does not require a tax return makes sense for many reasons. First, the time consuming process of gathering stacks of tax returns for both the personal and business returns doesn’t fit with the “time is money” motto of many small business owners. Any time taken away from the core mission of growing the business does nothing to help move the organization toward enhanced profitability. Second, businesses file tax returns in a strategic manner – thereby increasing the possibility that reinvestment in the business or purchase of equipment may reduce the amount of income a business can claim. This does nothing to help qualify for a loan. Applying for a loan that doesn’t require tax returns makes a lot of sense for the business owner who wants a quick decision and fast access to cash. Does Not Require Tax Returns for Approval

At, we understand that applying for a loan and receiving loan funding should be a quick and painless process. We also realize that tax returns may not paint the whole picture of how your business operates. Knowing this, we look at your recent sales activities and deposits to provide an approved loan amount. Then, we tie your future payments to real-time sales and keep the payments manageable. To get started today, complete the online application and see how soon you can receive cash – all without tax returns!