No Application Fee Loans Save You Money!


When a business needs financing, quick cash, or general lending services, one can expect a laundry list of fees, settlement charges, and assessments. These expenses can take the form of underwriting charges, credit bureau fees, administrative fees, document fees, or any other kind of line item charge a lender chooses to levy on a borrower. Lenders can choose to include these and any other types of reasonable fees when drawing up a loan contract. At times, it may make sense to accept a lender’s proposal, even if it includes substantial fees, if the interest rate and terms are favorable. Other times, for shorter-term loans that are of minimal amounts, a fee might add to the total cost of borrowing and may not be advantageous.

Paying Fees Can Provide A Benefit to the Borrower

When a borrower pays an upfront fee to borrow money from a lender, the lender is instantly in a more secure position. By hedging the potential for future loan losses by charging the upfront fee, a lender has more room to make decisions and provide an approval for a broader range of applicants. At times, it makes sense to accept any reasonable loan offer when the benefit to the business is substantial. In the case of ensuring positive cash flow to meet payroll, securing inventory, performing facilities maintenance, or improving marketing, any reasonable loan can be a responsible way to help grow the business. Will Provide Options operates on the philosophy that providing options to our clients helps tailor the benefits of a loan to a client’s specific needs. By utilizing our quick and easy application process, your loan request will be matched to the offerings of our affiliated lenders and options are presented. Does it make sense to accept a loan with a fee so that the overall cost factor is attractive? Or, should you look for a no fee loan that may provide the best balance of cost versus benefit? At, the choice is yours!