Bad Credit Small Business Loans


For those who need a business loan and have less than stellar credit, the response from a traditional bank or credit union is typically “call us when you have fixed your credit and business performance.” The problem with this message is that in order to fix many of the issues with a business – be it low sales, inventory issues, facilities issues, etc., it oftentimes requires an influx of cash. This paradoxical approach to lending means that those that have bad credit are left to fend for themselves, and their businesses suffer because of it.

If I Have Bad Credit and Need a Business Loan – What Can I Do?

For those that are credit challenged, yet need access to cash to improve their businesses, a bad credit business loan may be the option. Typically offered on shorter terms than a traditional business loan, these products offer quick funding and are not reliant on an applicant’s credit score for approval. In fact, the past performance of the business is used as a guide to establish the loan amount and other pertinent loan terms. With that said, those that own businesses and have bad credit still need to consider many of the following when making decisions around cash flow:

  • Meeting payroll during non-peak times
  • Replacing or repairing vital equipment or tools
  • Buying and stocking inventory to prepare for targeted sales times
  • Rehabbing the office space or retail storefront to enhance appeal
  • Paying taxes and professional fees

For a business owner that isn’t credit worthy enough to have a financial tool in place to manage cash flow, these costs can quickly sink a business. Understands Bad Credit Business Loans

For those that have bad credit and need a business loan, applying at today will be the first step in the right direction. Cash flow needs to be managed, and the lack of a stellar credit score doesn’t prohibit the business owner from receiving the business loan that he or she deserves. By utilizing our quick application process, we can connect you to a lender that can provide a small business loan in a matter of days, not weeks or months. Visit us today at for more details!