Trucking Business Loans

trucking company loans

Those who rely on their trucks for a living – delivery fleets, long and short haul drivers, and repair and towing outfits, all know about the unforeseen expenses that can creep up at any time. The truck is an essential tool for these industries. Trucking companies would falter without the ability to haul goods, tow vehicles, bring repair tools and equipment to a job site, and deliver items to the end user. Expenses can be significant, too! Considering that some trucking jobs can be greatly influenced by weather patterns, consumer demand, and fuel costs, it pays to have a backup plan should anything out of the ordinary happen. It pays to have as your solution to financing needs in the trucking industry.

The Unique Costs in The Trucking Industry

Trucking outfits have to spend money to make money. Consider the basic long haul delivery driver – driving a vehicle that may net as little as 5-7 miles per gallon adds up. Then, factor in the massive maintenance costs of driving a semi truck. Oil changes, tire replacement (for 18 wheels!), routine scheduled maintenance, and engine and transmission repairs, to name a few! Tow truck owners and operators face grueling urban driving in dangerous and accident prone areas and must have a perfectly operating truck in order to safely perform towing duties. Other costs that must be considered for any trucking company are insurance, fuel, maintenance, DMV fees, equipment repair, and truck replacement.

Who Do You Turn To For Short Term Loans For Trucking Companies?

There are times when you need to focus on the short-term cash flow situation for your business. Payroll has to be met, trucks need to be fueled up to prepare them for deliveries, and equipment must be repaired or replaced in order to ensure continued, safe operation. understands this and can help your trucking company attain a safe, quick, and responsible short term business loan to help fix your cash flow problem. It’s simple – apply today via our secure online site and we will work to match you to a lender who can help! Funds are typically available within three business days and payments are based on your future earnings. So, your new loan won’t become an added burden when the workload is low. At, we specialize in no collateral loans to help you get ahead. Apply Today!