Liquor Store Loans


Running a liquor store is a complicated venture. The sheer volume of inventory can be daunting, the hours are long, and the expenses can quickly add up. That said, carving out a piece of a $46 billion industry could be a lucrative venture if approached effectively. Liquor stores do operate on seasonal cycles. With hot summer days moving consumers to shift spending habits and cold, winter spells causing other basic changes, liquor stores must keep up on beverage trends and mange inventory to ensure that they are always ready for their clients. Liquor stores are gradually shifting from alcohol and soft beverage-only assortments to more of a one-stop shop experience for customers. This costs money, as extra inventory, new sales fixtures, and marketing costs can quickly sap any momentum a liquor store may have.

What Are The Frequent Drivers of Cash Flow Problems in Liquor Stores?

Liquor stores require their employees to cover long shifts that are inherent to the business model. This costs a substantial amount of payroll and can tax any small business. Inventory is another massive cost, as customers expect any potential liquor or sundry item to be in stock and ready for purchase. While gearing up for peak demand before sporting events, holidays, and seasonal shifts is a sound idea – it is also very expensive! This can lead to cash shortages that may cause the liquor store owner to neglect cleaning and maintenance, needed equipment repairs, or cause an inability to cover payroll. This is where a small business loan proves invaluable.

At, We Understand Liquor Store Financing

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