Hotel and Motel Loans


Owners of hotels and motels are proud of their establishments. Keeping a vigilant watch on maintenance issues, cleaning routines, and replacement of linens, bedding, and other consumables is of paramount importance to preserving the reputation of the hotel or motel as a clean, safe place to stay. The problem is, hotels and motels may have seasonal or cyclical traffic patterns – meaning there are good times and lean times when it comes to cash flow. This leaves owners and operators with few options, as cleaning, maintenance, and payroll expenses are continual costs that cannot be ignored. A short-term business loan may be the perfect solution for the hotel or motel owner who takes pride in their business.

Unique Challenges of Operating a Hotel or Motel

Those in the hospitality industry know that ongoing costs such as payroll, cleaning and maintenance, and utilities can add up quickly. Add in the unplanned emergency plumbing calls, electrical concerns, and the need to constantly address aesthetic issues that may degrade the curb appeal of the establishment, and you have a recipe for crushing your cash flow. Imagine if the owner plans a renovation to enhance the image of the hotel or motel – that costs significant money and can eat into the normal operating budget for the business. Lastly, seasonal variances in traffic patterns can cause concern, as revenues can decrease while expenses may remain relatively flat.

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